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Reconnecting to the Mother Earth


Relearning our relationship with the natural world and creating sustainable solutions.

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 The Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park was created in 2009 and is a grassroots organization dedicated to renewing cultural values and creating sustainable, regenerative living practices on the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation.

The Park serves as a facilitator in the study of the elements of creation and how we can combine  modern teachings and sustainability practices with ancient Indigenous cultural knowledge to create a better understanding of the Natural World.  

The Park is designed to help break the vicious cycle of learned dependency of growing up in an impoverished area, to encourage sobriety, and be an avenue for community members and others to learn the basics about Natural Law and how to connect with it, Indigenous culture, and sustainable living practices, such as gardens, green-building, renewable energies and technology. The Park works to create opportunities for healing that can help fulfill the fundamental need of people to live in a healthy environment with eco-friendly practices.

Within our target area, the poor living conditions of North-Central South Dakota, helplessness and hopelessness runs rampant with extremely high rates of poverty,unemployment,alcoholism, suicide, homelessness, teen pregnancy, and pervasive violence, all leading to the loss of the language, culture, and identity.

The Park Board believes, people living on the Indian Reservations, and other poor areas can reclaim stability in their current daily experience, by using ancient Aboriginal Indigenous Teachings as a foundation combined with modern sustainability practices.

Present and future classes to be held by The Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park will include teachings of Natural Law, Indigenous language and culture, herbal and body remedies, art, organic foods, human rights/conflict resolution, cultural sensitivity training, Trans-Generational PTSD and more. Future plans include building a large gazebo in the center of the Medicine Wheel Orchard for teaching, as well as a building for canning, drying and storing food.

Sustainable living practices are applied and taught to inspire the community to go green. The Park offers projects, classes and cultural events promoting how we can attain an Eco-friendly, socially just, spiritually satisfying, harmonious coexistence with each other and our Sacred Mother Earth.

Our organization is completely supported by donations and volunteers and as our fund-raising efforts grow, our projects will increase. We thank all our donors and volunteers for supporting our cause and for caring and wanting to see the Standing Rock Reservation and other poor areas flourish.