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Our Story

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We are a group of volunteers who want to see beauty in our communities as well as illustrate sustainability practices and eliminate poverty. The Medicine Wheel Living Park is currently 5% developed and comprises of 65 acres of land.

We began our journey in 2009 by planting 350 trees – apples, plums, apricots, cherries, pears – in the shape of a giant Medicine Wheel. We lined the borders of the park by planting a 5-row shelterbelt filled with native berries, totaling 5,000 shrubs and trees.

The following year we added a fenced in community garden with hoses, and a swing set for the kids. Years later, we continue to gather community members to help prune and care for the trees and grow veggies in the summer.

We talk to the youth about the importance of healthy, traditional foods and sustainability practices to ensure their future. The peaceful setting of the Park is good for the soul and a good place to walk.

We encourage community involvement and have visions of a shady beautiful park filled with edible plants where families can come and enjoy.

The poor living conditions in North central South Dakota are filled with helplessness and hopelessness and have extremely high rates of alcoholism, violence, teen pregnancy, abuse and suicide. These ways of life have led to the loss of our culture, language and connection to the Earth.

~ It is our vision to revive Lakota cultural ways by creating a shaded gazebo in the center of the Medicine Wheel orchard where our elders can teach.

~ We provide gardens where our people can get their hands in the ground and connect with the Earth once again.

~ Sustainable living practices are taught inspiring the community to go green.

~ Our goal is to offer ways of understanding how we can attain an Eco-friendly, socially just, harmonious co-existence with each other and our sacred Grandmother Earth.