2018 Summer Solstice Celebration

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It is the Lakota tradition to give away the first of everything you ‘make’.  For example: the planting of our first garden, we gave all the vegetables away by going door-to-door.  You make a pair of earrings and gift the first pair you make.  In this tradition we are “giving away” our event.  But through giving away, we need support and ask for your loving donation to help support this 1st year Summer Solstice Celebration, money goes towards the event to support our presenters/speakers, through lodging and travel, and an honorarium for our local presenters/speakers.  All other donations and sponsorships goes towards equipment to maintain and supplies to continue expansion of the Medicine Wheel Living Park.  

Wo Pila Thanka

Registering helps us with how many visitors we will have




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